What We Do

We can repair anything you can get over the bar into the river.  We've installed hundreds of UV covers and do the best in the business.  Spreader chafe, batten pocket ends, batten chafe, sun damage, storm damage, old and brand new, recuts, extra reef points, we've done it all.

The machine

In 2017 we constructed a crane to enable us to remove and install masts here at the shop, bring them inside for repair or painting and rig them in the shade.  We have the capacity to pull mono-hull masts up to 63' off the water, keel stepped and catamarans up to about 43' LOA.  
a 1936 wooden keel stepped mast about 54' long

From Rig inspections to all types of standing and running rigging repair and replacement, we can help you make your boat safer, faster and easier and more enjoyable to sail.  We stock double-braid rope and can order any fitting you may need and have it here in about a month.

As well as sacrificial Sunbrella covers for jibs, we build the toughest Lazy Bag on the market,  Sail covers, awnings and water catchers.

A few of Tom's rigging and carpentry tools
the floating garden, my house and cayuco