What We Do

the sewing machine, tables and Annie's tool corner with the bodega out back

We have the equipment to tackle jobs well beyond the abilities of the average cruising sailor.  We designed and built the canvas on our Vancouver 27, Emma, with a Sailrite LSZ1.  The limitations of the machine became evident as we cruised and did canvas installation and repair and sail repair from Annapolis to the Rio.  She just couldn't produce a consistent zig-zag stitch in the heavier constructions that we ran into.  We still have the LSZ-1 (Mary Beth) and use her for lighter weight jobs but now we have a truly heavy-duty professional machine, the Sailrite Professional.   This machine will pound through half a dozen layers of 9oz Dacron with some 2000# webbing and a layer or two of Sunbrella thrown in for good measure, no problem. 

The other limitation was always workspace.  There is really no substitute for a large clean floor to stretch out an entire sail for lay-out and inspection.  Shortly after we arrived in Cayo Quemado, we started renting a 40' x 25' rancho next to Texan Bay Marina.  The space was cramped by the presence of posts in the middle of the floor and the Associacion de las Mujeres de Cayo Quemado were planning to start the final phase of construction to turn the space into a restaurant.  We moved across the lagoon to a new sail loft that we built in October of 2010.  1200+ square feet of lofting space plus 2 docks for storage of boats we are working on.


We use Sta-Lok terminals for stainless wire rigging terminations.  Below is an extra long terminal we installed to replace a suspect swage fitting.  (They are all a little suspicious)
stronger than the wire it attaches to, nothing suspicious about Sta-Loks
From Rig inspections to all types of standing and running rigging repair and replacement, we can help you make your boat safer, faster and easier and more enjoyable to sail.  We stock double-braid rope and can order any fitting you may need and have it here in about a month.

As well as sacrificial Sunbrella covers for jibs, we build the toughest Lazy Bag on the market,  Sail covers, awnings and water catchers.

A few of Tom's rigging and carpentry tools
And what Annie loves best.... making bolsas-